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Aidan O'Rourke, Composer

Chris has been working with me on my 365 project ( for the last few months. His contribution has been invaluable and his attention and passion for the project has undoubtedly helped propel the project forward. I recognise so much potential in Chris and am excited to not only work with him in the future but to witness the results of the brilliant energy he brings to projects. His people skills are unmatched and he has a gentle yet highly efficient way of organising himself and the people he works with. I highly recommend Chris Buttigieg


Maria Vella, Production Manager at MAKA Visuals

I've worked with Christopher on different audiovisual productions ranging from film, TV series, documentaries and commercials. Christopher always showed initiative, dedication and willingness to complete a project to the best of his, and his team's, ability. He is a problem-solver and is always willing to voice his opinions both in the creative and logistic aspect of the job.


 Christopher is a team-player, with excellent time-management and communication skills. He is hard-working, dedicated and makes sure that each project is delivered on time and is of the highest possible quality.


 I strongly believe that Christopher's work attitude and experience, combined with his outgoing and cheerful personality, will not only help him gain further experience in the field but also excel in it.


Bojana Dimitrovska, Film Industry Professional

Chris has a lovely personality that makes him a real pleasure to work with. He is capable, focused and doesn't shy away from responsibility. As a Transport Captain, an extremely demanding position by nature, he was efficient, organised and worked well under pressure. Recommended through and through. 

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